Course Structure

Modularised Programme

The Gnosis i-learning programme in business English writing skills contains three levels: Clear Writing, Effective Writing and Persuasive Writing.

Check which level may be most suitable for you.

Each Gnosis i-learning level contains three modules, with three assignments in each module.

You can buy as many modules from our business English course as you want right now or pay per module if you prefer.

Diagram showing course structure - each course containing three modules, with three assignments in each module


You should expect to dedicate around 10 hours to completing each assignment.

  • If you devote 2 hours per week to your studies (this is our recommended minimum), it will take approximately a month to complete an assignment.
  • This means that it will take you around three months to complete a module.
  • The more time you devote to the programme, the quicker you will complete a module.

Of course, you are free to dedicate as much time to the business writing course as you wish, as the system can be programmed to suit your own timescale.


Your personal tutor will provide practical feedback on each of the tasks you send for review. This feedback will highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your writing, and give you useful advice and techniques on how to improve your professional writing skills.

You will receive the following reports throughout your business English course:

  • Progress Report at the end of each module
  • Achievement Report at the end of each level
  • Final Attainment Report at the end of your course

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