Effective Writing

Here are the topics you will cover in the Effective Writing Level.
Assignment Topic Task Type Key Terminology Language Focus Writing Skill

Module 1: Corporate Strategy Diversification Press Release Success and Failure Ways of Adding Emphasis Style – Writing for your Reader
Cost Reduction Memo Cost and Budget Collocations Approximating Numbers The 5 Ps of the Writing Process
Mergers Report Financial Vocabulary Collocations Causes and Effects
Module 2: International Accounting and Finance Analysing Financial Reports Presentation Accounting Terms Making Interpretations The 8 Cs of Successful Writing
Budgeting Web Article Budget and Project Management Parallel Sentence Structures Punctuation Conventions
Cash-flow E-Mail Cash-flow Collocations Diplomatic Language Writing Concise
Module 3: International Marketing Corporate Identity and Branding Report Branding Collocations Infinitive and
'-ing' Forms
Making Recommendations
Globalisation Summary Word Endings Making Predictions Writing Summaries
Client and Sales Relationships Sales Literature Sales Language Module Review Emphasis

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