Persuasive Writing

Here are the topics you will cover in the Persuasive Writing Level.
Assignment Topic Task Type Key Terminology Language Focus Writing Skill

Module 1: Management Managing Change Article Collocations with 'Change' Referring Backwards and Forwards Overcoming Writer's Block
Decision-making Report Words with Similar Meanings Removing Redundancy Selecting and Grouping Key Information
Performance Management Presentation Strategy and Planning Collocations Phrases relating to Performance Management Maintaining the Reader's Interest
Module 2: Financial Matters Business Planning and Analysis Memo Avoiding 'Management Speak' Being Persuasive Organising Ideas for Maximum Impact
Managing Risk Report Risk Avoiding Over-complex Words Clarity and the Fog Index
Foreign Exchange Markets Summary Words with Different Meanings Writing Concisely Summarising
Module 3: Legal Matters Employment Law E-mail Legal Vocabulary Modifiers Writing Precisely / Genre Conventions
Product / Service Liability Press Release Words with Positive and Negative Connotations Sentence Patterns Maintaining a Positive Tone
Business Ethics Proofreading Compound Words Hyphenated Phrases Module Review

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