Students can access the easy to navigate learning site from wherever they are, whenever they want. They complete their assignments at times that are convenient to them by working either on- or off-line.


An expert personal tutor supports a participant every step of the way, and points out what they specifically need to learn.


The system can be programmed to suit the employees’ timescale.

All of these allow us to give you a professional and 100% tailored learning experience that make the best use of your employees’ time.

Monitoring Progress

HR and/or Line Managers can track the progress of their colleagues through the course in real time by simply logging into their own application. Completions, delays, issues raised by participants or by tutor and messages, all appear in the HR application. Any messages sent through the System and any deadline alerts, also appear in the HR’s or Line Manager’s e-mail inbox.

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Anti-Money Laundering

Resource Centre

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