The i-learning IFRS programme is a comprehensive and practical online course specifically designed for

  • Accountants,
  • Chief Accountants,
  • Financial Managers and Directors,
  • CFOs and
  • Analysts

who need to understand, interpret and apply IFRS.

The only prerequisites are to have at least basic skills in double entry and accounting principles and to be working with financial statements.

All standards and interpretations are covered, along with rich training materials and resources that can be used at work. All examples and case studies are real-life and practical, requiring participants to apply the skills and tools learnt.

Participants will receive individualised tutor feedback and customised resources to cover their needs in knowledge and skills. These resources belong to the participant, are stored in searchable databases both online and offline and are available to be used at any point in time from the work or home computer.

The training is motivating and interesting, even fun. For once you will realise how exciting accounting can be!

HR/Line Managers can follow the progress of their groups in real time, with status and progress reports available in real time, generated as per their needs and exported to Excel if necessary. YOU choose deadlines to be set in the system; these can vary per participant/group, depending on participants’ availability. Automatic reminders for participants ensure that all progress smoothly as planned.

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