The Evolution of the Gnosis i-learning Methodology

First major innovation

In 2000, at the turn of the millennium, we introduced an innovative, at the time, training process. It relied mostly on e-mailing, with the participant and tutor corresponding, as well as exchanging marked and solved work, by e-mail. This also meant that special instructions had to be given for the organisation of documents on participants', tutors', and HR departments' desktops. It was an administratively complex process for everyone, especially for HR departments who had to ensure they coordinated their monitoring procedures with ours.

Despite the laboriousness of the process, this system proved to be much more effective than our traditional training courses.

Cutting-edge technology

Thanks to the input of a colleague with an excellent professional background in modern digital technology, our worries about the problems of the system were channeled into the creation of the software tool which would make tutors', students' and administrators' lives easier: the e-mailing system was translated into the technological standards of today.

In late 2005, after one year of skill and persistence from our team, we produced the Business and Commercial English Writing Skills (BCEWS) system – the prototype of what we now present to you as the Gnosis i-learning system.


Just as we started out by listening and responding to our clients' needs, we shall continue to do so in the future. We want to develop our web-based learning system by looking into all the possibilities offered to us by new technology. We are continually exploring ways of bringing innovation to our existing state-of-the-art i-learning, designed to help professionals improve their skills. We are already considering introducing sound into our system, as well as using it for other professional areas and languages.

Gnosis i-learning: It makes perfect business sense.

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