i-learning: the only intelligent learning system that can deliver tailored training smoothly aligned with the company’s HR process. 

    You have not seen anything like this before! Truly motivating training for demanding professionals in: 

    • IFRS

      For working accountants and analysts

    • AML

      For all staff


    • FFNFP

      For experienced professionals

    • BEWS

      Business English for all professionals

    … In my opinion, you created a good balance between the individual work of a student and personal contact between the student and tutor. This is a very personalized way of learning … The case studies were very interesting and similar to situations which take place in reality. This helped me to understand and prepare for the tasks … This was exactly what I expected from the course…

    Customised for your organisation: Tell us your training needs and we will develop a programme exactly for your target audiences in the specific industry and focusing on the issues they face. The cost will not be as high as you may imagine: i-learning makes HR work easier, safer and quicker as all information is provided instantly in real time through the HR Application at no additional cost.


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