Practical financial skills for managers, business owners and analysts 

i-learning enables non-financial managers, analysts and decision-makers to: 

  • Know how decisions impact the organisation’s financial statements and tax;
  • Appreciate the difference between financial accounting and tax accounting;
  • Easily interpret financial statements;
  • Assess alternative investment opportunities, cash flows, discounting techniques, etc.;
  • Use hedging techniques, including derivatives and exotic instruments;
  • Control the budgeting process and the spectrum of budgeting tools at their disposal;
  • Understand and participate in financial conversations and current events.

Immediately accelerate the team's performance with practical financial skills on the spot, on the topic needed, under your full control: 

1.Immediately enables practical financial skills for any manager according to their needs on the job; 

2.Trains the individual systematically and methodically to an advanced level;

Unlock your ability to focus on growing your business and improving performance.

Have a look at the FFNFP Module Structure or get in touch to request a demo!

Full Control of Training by Line Managers and HR

Line Managers and HR can benefit from the unique HR Application, a feature included in the Subscription Cost for i-learning FFNFP. The HR Application equips nominated Line Managers and HR with full control of the training process:

  • Centralised administration: real-time information on participants’ progress
  • Instant access to progress/status reports, certificates, and to tutors via messaging system
  • Control costs and quality: pay only as participants progress through the course
  • Set and manage deadlines: complete flexibility to fit your company’s schedule
  • Year-round training: training season is on whenever you want it!

Ask us about our corporate rates via online form or email – we are happy to help!

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