• To provide a flexible and easily-administered learning process via the Internet.
  • To provide comprehensive, fully up-to-date and practical IFRS resources according to the individual’s needs.
  • To provide training that is 100% personalised and tutor-based.
  • To drastically reduce current training costs.
  • To ensure effective communication throughout the accounting and reporting processes.
  • To provide credit hours for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  • To link learning to the HR process of the organisation.


Different parts of the organisation that may have different learning needs related to financial accounting and reporting:

  • Financial/chief accountants, financial managers/directors who require detailed knowledge on technical issues.
  • New members of the finance team who need to establish a strong appreciation of key terms and structures in financial accounting and reporting.
  • Senior finance management of the company whose main concern is to understand how their business decisions impact the financial statements.


Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of double entry and accounting principles and techniques. Previous knowledge in IFRS is not required. The programme covers not only the requirements and the rules of the standards but also the accounting techniques required to be applied under the standards.

International Financial Reporting Standards

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