About Gnosis

We are an international training company designing, developing and delivering practical learning solutions in IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), FFNFP (Finance for Non-Financial Professionals) and Business English Writing Skills.

Our world-class trainers deliver IFRS training to some 1,000 accountants, CFOs, Audit Partners, managers and analysts, and AML training to some 4,000 bank staff every year in the UK, Dubai, Poland, Hungary, CIS, Ukraine, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Our innovative i-learning programme allows us to harness training talent from any location globally, and deliver their experience straight to your laptop!

GnosisLearning takes us back to the origins of the word 'Gnosis' ('knowledge' in Greek) and signifies enlightenment (Gr: 'diafotisi), insight and learning. It represents, in other words, the work of Prometheus, who brought fire from the Greek gods down to Earth, for the use of mortals.

The tree of knowledge in our logo depicts this process: the transformation of knowledge from a heavenly phenomenon to an indispensable tool to be used by all. The tree in our logo is placed in a circle, which symbolises the Earth, and shows how Gnosis can reach all corners of the planet – this can also be noticed in the shading of the logo, and the contrast between darkness and light.

Gnosis i-learning – Our internet-based, innovative-training tool is the only intelligent learning system designed to improve skills in IFRS, business and commercial English writing as well as assist HR and Compliance Officers with their work.

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