Supporting the HR Function

    The Gnosis i-learning idea was originally conceived as an HR initiative. We've since developed an innovative learning system that offers web-based HR solutions to a variety of training issues.


    You can determine the time and duration of the training to suit the needs of your organisation.

    Following the progress of each and every participant

    At no extra cost you can monitor the progress of your staff in real time through the unique HR application.This ensures that there is no added administrative cost and no more hassle associated with the organisation of training.


    Quality Training at Affordable Prices

    Our mix of innovative technology and unique methodology allows for quality training programmes at a greatly reduced cost. See our subscription rates for more details.

    Easy and Flexible

    The Gnosis i-learning system is administered automatically so you do not have to invest in additional resources to manage the training process.

    Staff can work on- or off-line, wherever they wish, and they have professional tutors to support them throughout.

    Automatic Organisation of Resources

    All materials, case studies and correspondence are automatically organised and stored in the databases of the participant and the HR/Line Manager.

    • The i-learning system automatically submits all progress reports from the tutor to the HR Application.
    • Participants' resources are organised into a searchable and easily accessible bank, which remains in their ownership even after completion of the course.

    Personalised to the Individual's Needs

    The Gnosis i-learning system focuses entirely on the individual's needs by customising the course around their work.

    Participants have their own tutor (native English-speaking for the Writing Skills), who can easily be contacted through the Gnosis i-learning messaging system.

    Workplace-relevant and Motivating

    The training is case-study based and each case study allows the participant to relate to their own environment . The tutor will therefore provide feedback and additional resources as needed by that specific individual.

    Training need not be expensive anymore! Gnosis i-learning: making perfect business sense.


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    Resource Centre

    Search through our database of FREE business English resources on a variety of office and writing skills.


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