Currently this programme is only available as in-house training on specific client request.

Gnosis i-learning Methodology

The methodology behind the Gnosis i-learning course in business English writing skills is case-study-based to ensure relevance to the workplace.

You will learn how to apply professional writing skills and techniques that create credible and convincing communication. You and your personal tutor will spend a considerable amount of time on this.

  • Expect to dedicate around ten hours over a period of a month to complete an assignment.
  • You should then complete a full module in around thirty hours (approximately three months).

The Gnosis i-learning placement test guarantees that you start your personalised training programme at the level most suitable to your English abilities.

Life-cycle of a Gnosis i-learning Assignment

Life cycle of a Gnosis i-learning assignment

Download the diagram demonstrating the life cycle of a Gnosis i-learning assignment

Life-cycle of an Assignment

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Personal Tutoring

It's like having a tutor in your laptop: as a Gnosis i-learning participant you will have a native English-speaking tutor dedicated to your progress. This provides you with a personalised and flexible blended learning experience.

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