Clear Writing

Here are the topics you will cover in the Clear Writing Level.
Assignment Topic Task Type Key Terminology Language Focus Writing Skill

Module 1: Human Resources Placement Assignment – Introductions E-mail General Business Vocabulary Describing Career / Job / Needs Keeping to an In-house Style of Writing
Staff Retention Presentation Word Families Phrases for Organising Ideas Organising Ideas
Recruitment Letter Recruitment Paragraphing Formatting Formal Letters
Module 2: International & Domestic Meetings Business Trips Memo Travel / Trip / Journey Comparing and Contrasting Features of Memos and Reports
Arranging a Meeting E-mail Formal and Informal Vocabulary Introduction to Tone and Register E-mail Etiquette
Cultural Differences Comprehension Avoiding Unclear Words Clarity Paraphrasing
Module 3: Company Structures Company Activities Report Words for Describing Trends Present Perfect vs. Past Simple Describing Trends
Franchising Summary Franchising Cohesion between Sentences Summarising
Organisational Structure and Design Proofreading Organisational Structures Module Review Proofreading Effectively

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