The i-learning AML programme is a comprehensive course that satisfies mandatory requirements by the regulators.

Compliance Officers will be relieved of many headaches with this unique programme:

  • Status and progress reports on participants' attendance/absence/delay available in real time, generated as per your needs and exported to Excel if necessary.
  • Flexibility and efficiency: Staff can join the course at any point in time. No more worrying about getting all staff into one room at the same time!
  • YOU choose the deadlines to be set in the system. Deadlines can vary per participant/group, depending on participants’ availability. Training with i-learning AML usually spans one month, however, some firms may choose to complete the course in one week.
  • Upon completion, a certificate with all the details is issued to the participant and to the compliance officer.

Participants will enjoy the i-learning programme!

  • Compartmentalised, top-quality training in easy to read language.
  • Motivating Examples, Test Your Knowledge Questions and small case studies that require participants to identify suspicious behaviour and apply KYC policies to protect themselves, their bank and society.
  • Automated alerts before, on and after the deadline are sent to participants. 
  • Flexibility: training can be done from the work or home computer, online or offline.

i-learning makes training fun, interesting and practical!

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Access to the course will be given within 24 hours of payment.

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