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I realise you might be sceptical of online training solutions. I’m sure this is not the first time you have been offered online IFRS training. I’m sure you have tried e-learning solutions and will have been dissatisfied:

  • with the poor materials,
  • the lack of tutor contact/input,
  • the difficulties this presents for your administrative/HR process.

As you can probably tell, at GnosisLearning we have a passion for training, and specifically for IFRS training. We know we have the only product in the market that offers a comprehensive, up-to-date and case-study-based IFRS course that can be done online with tutor support.

We want to stress how different we are from other online training providers and we want to hear from you about your thoughts and experiences of online training, specifically when it comes to a complex subject like IFRS. But, we’d also like to hear your feedback and about your experiences: what do you think makes the perfect IFRS training programme? Have e-learning programmes failed you in the past? What do you expect then from online training?

We think that our product presents serious and innovative solutions to many problems, and I elaborate on these below.

Do you prioritise the ‘e’ in ‘e-learning’?

Economy, Efficiency, Effectiveness. Online training presents many solutions for the modern workplace: it offers low cost, flexibility and the chance for participants to study at their own pace. But can the quality of training materials suffer when efficiency and cost are prioritised?

i-learning is designed to facilitate interaction between tutor and participant, but to do so online, so as to provide flexibility and low cost, in addition to excellent quality. Throughout the course, participants have the full support of a tutor, who marks their work, provides them with feedback, as well as follow-up exercises that are tailored to each individual’s identified weaknesses. This personalised feedback and exercises are built into the participant’s very own tailored resource bank by the end of the course: the materials therein are designed for the specific needs of day-to-day work.

At the same time as it provides this high level of personalisation, i-learning also delivers the benefits of e-learning, plus so much more. The automatic administration of the course is enhanced by the HR application feature, which allows the HR/Line Manager responsible for training to track the progress of their participant in real time. Moreover, the system can be programmed to suit each individual’s timescale, allowing participants to benefit from a professional and 100% personalised learning experience.

Textbook vs. Training

Another key bugbear for modern professionals is the quality of materials they are supplied with at training.

Do you find more often than not that materials are designed with the aim to copy textbook content rather than to provide real training?

i-learning is designed on the principle that the training dynamics of the classroom have to be translated to online learning form. Hence, targeted and bite-size knowledge injections in the form of short Tasks and Assignments that make up a Module. 16 such Modules make up the comprehensive IFRS course.

This is a course that goes beyond the textbook, reaching to real-life and relevant case studies that motivate the participant to think about how they can use their knowledge.


The i-learning process prioritises the participant’s needs and skills.

How flexible can e-learning be?

Fitting training into the professional schedule can be tricky, to say the least. Have you been able to find a course that allows you to work in your own time and at your own pace? Or have you, more often than not, found yourself having to miss, then catch up on inconveniently timed webinars and/or further course participation?

The i-learning software was designed to meet the strict demands of the busy professional and their unforgiving tight schedules!

Our materials are designed to give you the independence and flexibility you need, with your tutor just at arm’s reach. The targeted, bite-size learning injections you receive as you progress on the course keep you focused on your learning needs. Moreover, the tips and follow-up exercises that your tutor designs specifically for your needs remain yours to keep, building up into your personalised resource database, which you can refer to during work. This is IFRS training on your own terms, in your own time, with the full support of our world-class tutors.

Solving Client Headaches

If we haven’t convinced you yet that what we offer is different from any other IFRS training product out there, let us show you with a free Pilot Module! Contact us at to request your free Pilot now.


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