Learning about Money Laundering with the BBC's McMafia

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The BBC drama McMafia has gotten some stick recently for fairly wooden delivery and unconvincing plotlines for some. Not to mention that events move so quickly that it can be hard to follow at times! 

But have a look at this short preview offered by the BBC and see if you agree with us that it is an expert depiction of how the worlds of crime and finance intersect

This scene shows quite clearly why the KYC (Know Your Customer) process exists: it helps raise the questions that will clarify for the compliance officer whether the specific customer’s accounts/requirements need to be reported further.

The video also shows that there is very little ambiguity in such situations when the right questions are being asked. AML law across the world places the onus on those authorising transactions: the assumption is that you are going ahead with the specific client on the basis of robust due diligence and any questions answered.

So if you are looking to learn a bit more about the above in the context of a criminal thriller, we recommend you give this show a go. 


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