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Marketing managers are often faced with a variety of strategies that they must decide on. Assuming that the final goals of marketing management are usually finance-based, evaluation of each alternative is needed so that the impact on the organisation’s financial performance and position can be made. 

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In the aftermath of the recent 2008 - 2012 financial crisis, governments have literally taken over financial institutions and have been continually pumping money into the real economy.

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Part 2 of getting to know Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and how they effectively protect your organisation. In this article, we talk about the challenges faced by AML Compliance Officers

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Abracadabra, Alakazam! Have you ever been to a magic show? Or perhaps you’ve mastered a few magic tricks of your own! Magic is the art of performing tricks, rituals and stunts that change how people see reality. When it comes to magic, things aren’t always as they seem, and mysterious forces appear to be at work. Coins seem to disappear into thin air, while animals may appear out of nowhere! When it comes to magic, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is real and what isn’t! Who makes it all possible? 

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We continue our series dealing with aggressive accounting moves, which although they may not be illegal, may very well be dangerous. Therefore, shareholders need to be aware of these dangers, while directors need to have a sharp eye in order to protect the shareholders. Our final article looks at derivatives - an instrument that is difficult to control if we lack the basic understanding of it.

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We continue our series of articles meant to help shareholders in their investment decisions.

In this third article, we look at the Balance Sheet, how assets are valued, as well as how this valuation impacts the company’s shares.

The financial position of companies, at any point in time is shown in what we call a Balance Sheet or indeed, as it is nowadays called, the Statement of Financial Position. In its basic form a balance sheet shows, on the one hand, all the assets of the firm, and on the other hand, how these assets are represented by the various liabilities the firm has committed itself to or, if you like, how these assets were financed.

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We continue our series of articles meant to help shareholders in their investment decisions. In this second article, we look more closely at Costs estimated to be incurred in the future, but which relate to the current reporting period.

In the previous article we saw how it was possible for companies to magnify revenue in a given period, simply by applying “judgement”. We also learnt how investors can protect themselves by asking questions like:

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We are offering a series of articles that will help shareholders in their investment decisions. In this first article, we look at how shareholders can protect themselves from aggressive financial reporting that can magnify revenues and profits and increase share values temporarily.

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I realise you might be sceptical of online training solutions. I’m sure this is not the first time you have been offered online IFRS training. I’m sure you have tried e-learning solutions and will have been dissatisfied:

  • with the poor materials,
  • the lack of tutor contact/input,
  • the difficulties this presents for your administrative/HR process.

As you can probably tell, at GnosisLearning we have a passion for training, and specifically for IFRS training. We know we have the only product in the market that offers a comprehensive, up-to-date and case-study-based IFRS course that can be done online with tutor support.

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