How Gnosis i-learning Works

The Gnosis i-learning business English course is an innovative training tool that brings the learning process to your workplace:

  • Gnosis i-learning provides you with personalised training in business English writing from a native English-speaking tutor.
  • Our user-friendly and motivating programme eliminates the stress associated with writing professional documents and gives you the time to concentrate on your job.
  • By the end of our web-based training programme you will have developed a practical tool that will remain with you indefinitely.

The Gnosis i-learning system is rich and diverse in content with topics relating to all areas of business. You are encouraged to refer to your own work environment and tailor the programme to your current needs at work.

What You Will Learn

Business situations are presented in case studies based on modern MBA topics to ensure relevance to the workplace.

Gnosis i-learning Methodology

Your own expert tutor will support you every step of the way to address your business English learning needs.

Business English Writing Skills

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